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Jagruti Foundation

Mission & Vision

Vision :

Jagruti Foundation seeks to bring about radical improvements in the following arenas for the benefit of rural population:
  • Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood Promotion
  • Rural Tourism
  • Skill Building and promoting social entrepreneurships for women
  • Environmental Protection
  • Agricultural Practices

Mission :

To augment the quantum of resources and economic opportunities and improve the standard of living of the weaker sections of the society through implementation of versatile range of development and educational training programs.


  • To adopt villages that lack proper social and economic opportunities for the rural youth
  • To educate adults and children of all age groups who fall under the below poverty line
  • To conduct awareness camps on various fronts such as education, health care, sanitation, AIDS and livelihood opportunities.
  • To provide for basic level of universal education to all.
  • To educate the rural population about environmental hazards and ways to prevent them
  • To promote fund raising events and campaigns to provide them with basic facilities for a living
  • To involve in capacity building and livelihood projects

Our Presence

Jagruti Foundation is presently operational in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal states of India and has made significant contribution to the rural youth living in these areas. Jagruti plans to extend its operations to Madhya Pradesh, Bihar states in the near future. Let us look at the statistics of each of the states on detail.

Orissa :

Orissa scores highest record in the placement of BPL youth into leading firms compared to the other two states. The major districts participating in Jagruti from this state are Jagatsinghpur, Koraput, Makan Giri, Nabarangpur, Rayagada, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Gajapati and Ganjam. Ganjam district of Orissa is leading with 81% of total number of trainees from this state.

Andhra Pradesh :

The major districts that are actively participating in the program from this state are Anantpur, Guntur, Karimnagar, East Godavari, Khammam, Krishna, Kurnool and Mehboobnagar districts. Krishna district with 31% stands highest with the maximum number of BPL rural youth trained and placed in leading hospitality firms India.

West Bengal :

Bankura, Midnapur, Purba Medinipur and Purulia districts of West Bengal are actively involved in this program. Purulia stands highest with a whopping 66% of trainees placed in successful firms of India.


Jagruti Initiative for Education

Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development has taken many worthwhile initiatives in providing systematic and well monitored rural education for the BPL people in rural areas. Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development has taken the initiative to address these issues by providing good quality primary education to the children in rural areas. Some of the initiatives undertaken by Jagruti to provide qualitative education to the poor are:
The Velugu Project One of the most beneficial programs that were initiated by Jagruti is the Velugu project which involved in training and placing 200 rural youth from Visakhapatnam District and placed them into leading hospitality firms of India.
VidhyaDhanamJagruti Foundation provides the schools in rural villages with comprehensive good quality education materials, proper infrastructure facilities consisting of tables, chairs, libraries, labs, sports equipment, books and stationery to enhance the quality of education among the rural population.
Vocational TrainingJagruti has conducted a vocational training program to about 350 rural youth from Srikakulam district. This program seeks to provide the BPL rural youth of this district with skill based training to provide them with decent jobs in the hospitality sector. This project ensured 100% placement assistance to all the trainees who underwent the program and its efforts were well recognized by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy. Jagruti has resolved to fight illiteracy from grass root levels and envisions enhancing the literary rate in rural India by a noticeable degree.
UP State GovernmentJagruti Foundation extended its support to alleviate poverty levels in the UP State Government by training 204 BPL youth from the Chitrakot district in the core functions of hospitality industry. These candidates are further placed in decent hotels, spas, resorts and restaurants to help them earn a substantial income to meet their daily needs.

Jagruti Initiative for Health

Jagruti understands the need for spreading awareness about health in rural areas owing to lack of proper sanitation facilities, health clinics and dispensaries in villages. The objective of Jagruti is to make health facilities more accessible and affordable to rural areas. The initiatives undertaken to promote rural health are extensive and Jagruti is endeavoring to provide for better resources and opportunities to improve health conditions and teach rural population the benefits of good hygiene.
The majority of illnesses that commonly afflict the rural population of India are Typhoid, Malaria, jaundice, dysentery, Tuberculosis, chicken guinea and viral fever. Many of these health problems are often overlooked owing to no proper hospitalization facilities and lack of awareness on providing first aid treatments. Jagruti organizes mobile medical camps through which counseling on various health related problems is provided to the rural population in nearby villages. Jagruti in synergy with professional doctors and trained nurses developed plans to conduct different camps for blood donation, diabetes camps, and general camps to address both minor and major health ailments.
Jagruti Foundation for rural development is also assisting rural population in several other fronts such as providing water purification tablets to ensure safe drinking water for villagers, fortified biscuits for vulnerable children who are prone to diseases and also complete health surveillance programs to assess and monitor the danger of probable disease outbreaks in future.
Volunteers of Jagruti make regular periodic visits to the villages to check on the prevalent health condition in the villages. In of its CSR initiatives, Jagruti has distributed clothing and eatables to old aged and poor people in villages of Anakapalle District. Jagruti welcomes all health practitioners from the medical and allied health fields to offer their services for the benefit of the rural community.

Jagruti Initiative for Rural Tourism

Jagruti initiated an innovative program to promote rural tourism as an alternative source of income for the non agricultural division in Rural India. Rural tourism helps promote the art, rural life; culture and heritage at rural locations. Rural tourism encourages the revival of lost folk art and handicrafts in rural India. It is an interesting initiative as tourism is the means by which the culture of rural India is made known to the rest of the world.
Through rural tourism Jagruti seeks to protect and safeguard the flora and fauna of the rural population. Rural Tourism also aids in generating foreign exchange resources to import food, consumer goods, medicines and technology to rural areas. Another prominent advantage of rural tourism is cultural preservation where the festivals, fashion, food and religious rituals followed by the villagers in rural areas are showcased to the rest of the world.
Rural tourism features sightseeing in the country side. Jagruti promotes rural tourism owing to its multi faceted features such as agricultural tourism, where in tourists get to explore large expanse of fertile lands with various crops harvested for the season. Nature tourism is ideal in rural areas as the pristine weather and tree plantations create a pleasant and serene ambience which cannot even be dreamt of in urban areas. Rural tourism also constitutes eco and adventure tourism which helps generate adequate revenue for the betterment of rural areas.
Rural tourism promotes interaction between the villagers and tourists, and facilitates sharing of experiences which can be enriching and rewarding. Jagruti understands that rural tourism can make a significant difference to the socio-economic issues facing the rural community. The revenue derived from rural tourism can add to the betterment of the infrastructure such as electricity, roads, transport, water and telecom.

Jagruti Initiative for Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Jagruti Foundation has come up with an ingenious intervention to enhance the scope for implementation of modern agricultural practices in rural India. The core objective is to increase the overall productivity of the farmers with the use of environmental friendly technology and equipment. This strategy requires that farmers in rural India are trained and well informed in latest agricultural practices to ensure optimum productivity.
Such radical improvement in agricultural practices can be characterized by substitution of labor with modern machinery, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with organic ones. Jagruti seeks to devise training programs and workshops to educate the village farmers about the wide variety of specialties and techniques available for plant raising, digging water channels and other major forms of irrigation. The benefits of multiple cropping and crop rotation are briefed to the villagers to help them improve the quality of the food crop.
The advantages of selective breeding, livestock and animal husbandry are also explained for the benefit of the villagers. This initiative will prove to be extremely helpful to in enhancing the overall productivity of the villages and will eventually minimize migration of the local villagers to urban areas.
Jagruti awareness workshops throw light on various other aspects such as green revolution, warehousing of agricultural produce, management of livestock for better production, benefits of horticulture, transplanting and so on. Jagruti Foundation engages in such agricultural and environmental initiatives to ensure optimum utilization of available resources without incurring huge cost of acquisition of machinery and equipment.
Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development welcomes all individuals, institutions and organizations who are interested in being a part of this endeavor of educating the rural masses about the safe, effective and productive agricultural and environment protection initiatives.

JAGRUTI drive for Women Empowerment

Jagruti Foundation envisions promoting social entrepreneurship programs for women in rural India. The objective is to empower rural women with necessary skills that can help them raise their standard of living to an optimum level. Many skill based vocational training programs will be conducted for women through self help groups who will provide them with the expertise to start their own ventures and earn substantial amount of income to meet their day to day living expenses. Literacy training programs are conducted periodically in order to help educate the rural women in order to help them run their firms methodically.
Jagruti Foundation for rural development strives to initiate programs that promote social employment opportunities and social entrepreneurship ventures for rural women in India. The idea is to help them become financially independent and enhance their potential of becoming bread winners for their family. Rural women include farmers, wage workers, petty traders, artisans, industrial home workers, micro-producers and domestic servants. Jagruti seeks to help enhance the working potential and capacities of these women by equipping them with the necessary skill training programs to run their own entrepreneurships.