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National Skill Development Program is an integral project initiated by Jagruti Foundation in August 2008. The primary focus of NSDP is to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the rural population of India by providing them with adequate skills training and placement opportunities in noteworthy hospitality and tourism firms in India.

NSDP is monitored by National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) and supported by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India.

Mission: To empower rural India with professionally driven humanitarian projects and ensure substantial livelihood to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) youth India.

Aim: To provide resourceful training and placements to 20,000 BPL (Below Poverty Line) youth in a span of 4 years primarily from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal states.


The National Skills Development Program or NSDP is one of the most gracious initiatives of Jagruti Foundation and it came into inception in the year August 2008. This program has been devised with the main objective of improving the standard of living of the rural youth and to make a significant difference to their quality of life. The program focuses on training the BPL youth of rural India in various roles and responsibilities of the hospitality industry owing to the increasing number of opportunities for employment in this sector. The idea is to capitalize on the need for manpower in this industry by training the BPL rural youth in the major functions of the hospitality department. This way the objective of filling the gap for manpower requirement in hospitality sector and poverty alleviation in rural areas is met by the timely and systematic implementation of the NSDP program.



  No of Trainess Joined
_ _ 1 2 3 5 6
  No of Trainess Placed
_ _ _ 9 5 7 0
  Undergoing Training
_ _ _ _ 1 8 6
_ _ _ 2 7 8 6
  No of Trainess Joined
_ _ _ 1 7 2 6
  No of Trainess Placed
_ _ _ 1 2 9 3
  Undergoing Training
_ _ _ _ 2 6 8
_ _ _ _ 4 3 3


The concept of National Skills Development Program (NSDP) has been conceived by Jagruti Foundation which is a CSR initiative of PET. The Jagruti team has done extensive market survey to identify those industries that have lucrative demand for manpower. Further study is done to ascertain the skill sets and eligibility criteria for employment as set by the industry norms. The result of the study is matched with the availability of BPL candidates in rural areas who would qualify for the program. This data is then consolidated and analyzed to assess the demand for manpower in hospitality industry and also the availability of below poverty line rural youth in targeted areas that would benefit from the program. Market research also includes a thorough surveillance of the roles and responsibilities, functions, skill sets, salaries offered and many such parameters that are crucial for employment. As per the research conducted, Jagruti Foundation has identified hospitality industry to be ideal for providing training and placement opportunities for the rural youth of India. One of the main reasons for considering hospitality industry is because of the fact that the prerequisites for employment in this industry are not very stringent. Matriculation is set as the minimum criteria for employment and the maximum age limit is set at 30 for both men and women from rural areas. Jagruti has its outreach in 3 major states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal and these areas have the labor force that can fit the job roles perfectly if the necessary skills based training is provided to them.

With this objective in mind, the National Skills Development Program has been devised to the train the rural youth in various functions of the hospitality industry. The curriculum for the NSDP program has been designed and certified by IAST as the institute has the expertise in training students for hotel management. This noble project has been initiated as per the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Rural Development of India or the (MORD).  This program is funded by the MORD and is monitored by NIRD or National Institute of Rural Development of India. This program is being conducted in two major centers which serve as a hub for delivering training services to the target group. The main center is situated in Sankaram at Anakapally which has the capacity to train about 600 BPL youth at a time in the functions of the hospitality departments. The center for training in Orissa and West Bengal is situated in Brahmapur, Ganjam district which can accommodate up to 400 students for this program. The campuses are also used to conduct train the trainer workshops, host annual functions and reward and recognition gatherings for the Jagruti staff and trainees.

The NSDP project centers have the infrastructure required to deliver skill based expertise to the candidates enrolled for the Jagruti program. The infrastructure includes project office, counseling centers, lab facilities, and accommodation facilities for both boys and girls undergoing the program, meeting halls, class rooms and many more amenities within the premises.