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Jagruti seeks to create awareness about its activities and the NSDP project so that the benefits of the program are reached out to poverty struck population in rural areas from grass root levels. The foundation initiates promotional activities through extensive networking, mapping and campaigning to drive the usefulness of the project to the BPL youth of rural India. Some of the popular strategies adopted for rendering the skill based training program to rural areas are:

Identify potential Employers: Jagruti initially conducts a market survey through which the foundation can assess the potential employers in the market and identify the nature of jobs available, skills required to match the job descriptions in demand, salary and many such factors pertaining to employment.

Develop a course plan: Once the sector for providing placements has been identified, Jagruti initializes the course plan, devises the training program in accordance with the industry specifications. The skill based training plan is developed comprehensively to enable the rural BPL youth to acquire specific skill sets that match the employment criteria in a given industry.

Network with Govt officials:  Jagruti Foundation networks with DRDA, MDO’s and many other Government Organizations and rural development institutions such as NIRD to identify BPL youth in poverty stricken areas of remote villages. The DRDA (District Rural Development Agencies) of various districts in the states are contacted specifically to obtain the BPL families lists that are maintained with them. This list is made proper use of to locate and train maximum BPL families in rural areas and thereby contribute towards the Government’s initiatives to help eradicate poverty from the country.



  No of Trainess Joined
_ _ 1 2 3 5 6
  No of Trainess Placed
_ _ _ 9 5 7 0
  Undergoing Training
_ _ _ _ 1 8 6
_ _ _ 2 7 8 6
  No of Trainess Joined
_ _ _ 1 7 2 6
  No of Trainess Placed
_ _ _ 1 2 9 3
  Undergoing Training
_ _ _ _ 2 6 8
_ _ _ _ 4 3 3

Mapping:  Mapping is an effective networking strategy that is used to collect relevant data for identifying the BPL youth in rural areas. Sources such as DRDA offices, BDO offices, village heads, Panchayats, mandal head quarters, and Ngo’s across the district are used to identify remote villages that have poor transportation, health and education facilities. Jagruti targets the BPL youth from these villages and endeavors to train them through the NSDP program and place them in some of the well established hospitality and tourism firms in India.

Demand Creation Efforts: Jagruti also conducts several socio cultural programs which throw light on the current economic and employment scenario. The objective is to motivate the rural youth by encouraging them to hope for a better future by up skilling themselves via the training program and get employment in some of the leading hospitality firms of India.

NSDP Traning Plan »

The National Skills Development Program training system seeks to ensure that every individual undergoing the program is transformed holistically. Some of the salient features of the training program are:

  • New Age Curriculum – The curriculum devised for this training program fosters personal and professional growth and ensures all round human development. The text books are specially designed to meet the current needs of the hospitality industry.

  • Infrastructure – The training center offers standardized and modern lab and classroom facilities to facilitate intensive training of the candidates.

  • 360 degree Transformation – Jagruti seeks to achieve complete transformation for every trainee in the learning process with the intervention of Via VERITAS Vita. Through Via VERITAS Vita students are trained on grooming, professional etiquettes and are introduced to modern concepts of Astanga evolution theory, Experiential Learning theory, SWOT analysis, Student Evolution Process and much more.

  • Technical skills All students are trained intensively in technical aspects of four major departments in hospitality industry – Kitchen, House Keeping, Front Office and F&B service owing to the rising demand for these jobs in the present scenario.

  • Health – The importance of being healthy and staying fit especially in Hospitality and Tourism industry cannot be undermined. NSDP training program seeks to inculcate and inspire this consciousness in all its trainees by encouraging them to develop good mental and physical health through teaching them yoga, pranayama, calisthenics and meditation.

Ongoing Support from JFRD »

In order to maintain cordial and mutually beneficial relationships with the employers and candidates, Jagruti has established a help desk call center to provide relevant information and resolve queries as and when they arise. 

Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development offers interesting career options to all those who are willing to serve their community as one’s larger self. The roles and responsibilities offered are unique to each individual and Jagruti welcomes those who are willing to make a positive impact on the organizations aims and ideals.

Work Culture
Jagruti believes in sharing best practices with each and everyone associated with the organization and encourages professional and courteous behavior from its employees. The work culture is built around the ethos of discipline, punctuality, creativity and diligence. The organization treats all employees with respect and dignity irrespective of designation.
If you are willing to make a difference to those who are socially and economically less fortunate than you, then this is where you need to be. Jagruti believes in 360 degree performance evaluation, thereby providing you with a greater scope for diversifying your skills.

Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development in India takes pride in sharing the experiences, opinions and employment statuses of successful NSDP candidates who are placed in reputed hospitality and tourism firms of India.

Name: Tata Babu
Designation: F&B Service
Organization: Hotel Mount Opera, Hyderabad
Salary: 3500/- per mont

Tata Babu is a 19 year old student from Anakapally, Andhra Pradesh.  His father is a farmer and their only source of family income is through agriculture labor. His mother is a housewife and many a times his family had great difficulty in making two ends meet. It was during such drastic financial condition, that Tata Babu enrolled himself in the intensive skill based hotel management training program offered by Jagruti Foundation. The training program helped him immensely in learning all the core functions of hospitality management and the various lifestyle management techniques taught to him during the course helped him become a well groomed and potential employee to work in leading hospitality firms of India. He made the most of the available resources during the training period and equipped himself with the necessary skill sets to deal with the intense demands and pressures that one has to cope in the hospitality industry. Many grooming skills and techniques were taught to him during the duration of the course which helped him become a true professional. On completion of the course, Tata Babu was offered the role of Food and Beverage Service Executive in one of the leading resorts in Hyderabad. He is earning Rs3500/- per month and is satisfied with the job role and function. The hotel also provides for his food and accommodation and Tata Babu is extremely satisfied that he is able to contribute to his family income in a significant manner. He is determined to prove himself in this job role and work arduously to emerge as a successful hotelier in the long term. He is thankful to Jagruti for having given him the opportunity to help him earn substantial amount of income to support himself and his family.

Name: I. Shankar
Designation: F & B Service
Organization: Ramya Residency, Ongole
Salary: 4500/- per month

I Shankar, is a 19 year old youth from Visakhapatnam District. He belongs to below poverty line family and his father is unemployed.  Mother is a housewife and he has 2 sisters who are younger to him and are uneducated. At this juncture, Shankar enrolled himself into the National Skills Development Program initiated by Jagruti Foundation for Rural Development. This poverty alleviation program has changed his lifestyle drastically giving him a ray of hope to sustain his family by earning substantial amount of income. After undergoing 3 months of intensive skill based training program, Shankar was offered a job in Food and beverage department of Ramya Residency hotel in Ongole. He is with the firm since last one and a half years and he is thoroughly satisfied with his job role and function. He is now drawing a salary of Rs4500/- which is his net income. Food and accommodation expenses are being borne by the hotel itself. He is extremely pleased with the accommodation facilities and is content to support his parents and siblings with such a decent income. Moreover, the NSDP program has trained him to deal with the tense and difficult situations that he may have to confront with in due course of his job. He is well groomed and taught adequate life skills to achieve perfect work life balance in his line of work. Shankar is dedicated to his job and is consistently performing exceptionally well to prove his worth in the hospitality industry.